Manifesto of Principles
  • Define the clients objectives
  • Design the program/event to be experiential,
        creative, authentic and engaging
  • Deliver results that are quantifiable
We define our programs by setting SMART
goals;. Specific, Measurable, Attainable,
Relevant, and Timely.
We offer creative solutions to stagnant brand growth
We take pride in creating experiential marketing programs – effectively integrating brands throughout our events and stimulating an interesting sampling environment
We create, activate and manage promotional programs that are hand tailored to client’s objectives
We have unparalleled expertise and are well connected in contemporary lifestyle and consumer passion points that focus on entertainment, music, fashion, sports and pop culture
We are successful at creating mediagenic events that showcase your brand
We believe all work should be quantifiable and measurable
We form partnerships and secure strategic sponsorship opportunities
We are tuned in to the nuances of ethnic market segments
We are motivated and believe that service and communication are the key components to a successful business relationship