Viral Marketing & Social Media

How does a brand maximize its message in this complicated and cluttered new world of social media networks? By designing a campaign that is focused on the medium as much as it is creative in the conceptualization and delivery of a total social Media campaign.
By way of ‘convergence’ – orchestrating information technology, marketing and design required to ensure that companies present an integrated, consistent, clear and interactive message across all the media they use.
We immerse ourselves in the breadth of your brand and attract high volume web traffic on multiple platforms, delivering on the ‘meme’ factor and appealing to individuals with high Social Networking Potential.

Our Video Commercial Production team can create a viral-mercial that is cost effective, targeted and medium-friendly for maximum Viral broadcasting (i.e.: YouTube; Twitter; Facebook; influencer Bloggers, etc.)

  • Video production: taping and editing
  • 30-second viral video in any format you need
  • Video file optimization for your keywords

This underscored by a Social Media Optimization Campaign – delivering your brand high volume website traffic by simplifying discovery … designing the messaging … conceptualizing the content and creating a dialogue with your visitors.