Branding & Brand Integration

Our BRANDING practice in relation to new product launches, brand promotions and events … focuses on creating unique platforms that launch brands into the global market by distinguishing them from the competition. Our goal is to maximize brand optimization, visibility, trial, custom messaging, engaging the audience through their passion point triggers.

When INTEGRATING, we weave together multiple marketing disciplines that are the BREADTH of the BRAND, (i.e.: advertising, public relations, promotion, owned assets, and social media) to create seamless lifestyle environments and cross-brand relationships. We leverage the intrinsic strength of similar brands to achieve a greater impact – making for a consistent environment between the brand and the promotional program.

Brand Identity: Researching the field, the competitive landscape … the breadth and perception of your brand by the consumer – the media – the trade

Brand to Consumer Engagement Programs: Stimulating a trial environment by engaging the audience … via promotions, event or simple trial taste test

Brand Influencers: Identifying brand ambassadors and creating a dialogue between the tastemakers and the customer through multiple channels … media – web – print – promotion

Brand Partnerships: Establishing synergistic relationships with other brands that compliment and support the Brand X vision

Here are a few examples of brand solutions whereby we promoted, partnered, integrated, sampled and delivered customized programs that resulted with consumer connectivity.